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Flooring Adhesives
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has got into the venture of supplying high-performance Flooring Adhesives that assures of massive adhesion between floor surface and stones. The company has intended to carry out the scrupulous business and maintain the premium quality of the products, besides securing the maximal satisfaction for the customers. It has been considered to be a prominent supplier of Flooring Adhesives that is manufactured from the patent composition and better-quality ingredients. Flooring Adhesives uniquely gives excellent bonding strength and expeditious grab and drying.

Features :
  • Composed with features of holding power for long
  • Complying with strict standard requirement
  • Efficient in adhering the tiles and stone
  • Stops the growth of bacteria and odor
Bonding Agent
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in supplying high-efficiency Bonding Agent that assures of impregnable adhision between tiles and floor surface. The company has been committed to practicising the ethical business standard and maintaining the better quality of the products, besides rendering the complete satisfaction to customers. The focus of the company is directed towards sourcing and delivering best-in-the-quality Bonding Agent that reflects better features and complies with globally acknowledged standards. Being committed towards offering effective, cost-efficient and top-performance products, the company as an eminent Bonding Agent Supplier, assures of the premium-quality products catering to desirable application requirement.

Features :
  • Enormous bonding strength
  • Effectiveness in making the efficient contact between surface and tiles
  • Efficient in fast drying and curing  
  • Facilitating the adhesion process
Floor Hardener
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. supplies high-efficiency Floor Hardener that has efficiency to add extra strength to make the floor resist the wear, abrasion and chip. The company has fabricating expertise and advanced infrastructure which ensure providing high-quality Floor Hardener manufactured in internationally recognized standards and hardening feature with the assurance of excellent resistance to corrosion. The company manufactures Hardener from high-efficiency chemical composition, density of gel in order to satisfy the requirement and demands of clients. The products, manufactured by us, are quite efficient and have all properties required for strengthening floor surface.

Features :
  • Enhancing the floor durability & density
  • Minimizes  floor absorption of liquid & oil
  • Resist stain and marks
  • Resistance to peeling and de-laminating
Epoxy Grouts
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. a nationally eminent, is a company of competence and resources, engaged in supplying fine-quality Epoxy Grouts with desired properties. The company employs a team of professionals who are versed in the chemical synthesis, serving the Indian clients with best-quality Epoxy Grouts. With the objective to found itself among the India's top construction material suppliers, it has been in supplying Epoxy Grouts that is prepared from top-quality composition and innovative formula. With specialization in chemical composition and having widespread supply chain, The company has been now striving to step up its capacity in terms of resources, market presence and clientele.

Features :

  • Excellent stain proof properties
  • Gives additional strength
  • Serving as a hard and durable filler
  • Withstand moisture to penetrate
Heat Reflective Coating
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has been an established and recognized company, competently engaged in supplying Heat Reflective Coating that is basically used in coating the metal in order to thwart heat reflection. Functional experience and advanced resources for carrying out in-house quality-test including composition, properties and other aspects with the full control in compliance with international efficiency standards of the products, he company is versed in sourcing and supplying Heat Reflective Coating responding to the exclusive coating requirement. Its domain know-how and market knowledge simplify the entire business process including sourcing and supply of Heat Reflective Coating.

Features :
  • Stops block heat radiation
  • Assuring heat dissipation
  • Offering high-quality coating and insulating
  • Best option for thermal reflection coating
Micro Concrete
Established with mission to supply best-quality construction material, Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Supplier of Micro Concrete that is formulated for application in repairing the damaged concrete. The high-grade cementetious composition assures of offering the better value and result that helps the construction company in fulfilling concrete demands of its satisfied customers. Committed to supplying top-quality Micro Concrete, it has pumped a good amount in market knowledge and analysis for incorporating excellence in the quality and properties. It always emphasizes strong business relation with its vendors and goodwill for supplying and making available better-quality Micro Concrete for catering to significant applications.

Features :
  • Effectively repair the damaged area
  • Ready-to-apply dry powder
  • Featured in durable cementitious material
Protective Coating
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. always endeavors to providing top-in-the-line quality of Protective Coating service through in-house team of expert workforce. Our service of Protective coatings is meant to cover areas with a layer of protection from anything that cause damage to the function and appearance of surface. The protective surface coating is quite general with various products, ranging from electrical items to printed labels. The company have been committed to offering an efficacious and better-quality coating services that meet the need of clients' desire for retaining the beauty and strength of the surface of the products.

Features :

  • Strong protection of surface from damage
  • Characterized by non-stick surface
  • Effective in restricting oxidation on the surface
  • Offering durable and stain-free appearance
Elastomeric Acrylic Coating
Since the starting of the company, Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has been growing and succeeding because of its tenacious commitment to sourcing and offering top-of-the-line Elastomeric Acrylic Coating products as well as providing satisfactory Acrylic Coating services which gives masonry coating to exterior structures in quite thick films for safeguarding the structures from varied damages. The company houses a strong team of working professionals and other proficient workforce who look after each aspect of the coating service. It provides in compliance with the quality-control policy to gratify clients' requirement of Elastomeric Acrylic Coating with best possible results.

Features :
  • Durable and flexible coating
  • Crack and abrasion inhibition
  • Assuring of outstanding film thickness
  • Guarantee desired protection to the exterior structures
Waterproofing Membrane
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt Ltd. has been in coating service, known as a proficient Service Provider and supplier of a comprehensive range of Waterproofing Membrane that offers strong protective layer for stopping water from penetrating. These materials are applied in a wide range of products. The company sources Waterproofing Membrane that ensures better water-proofing efficiency,  therefore its range of Waterproofing Membrane is gaining accreditation in domestic markets. It has been committed to quality-testing a broad array of Waterproofing Membrane in house in order to assure the clients of premium quality and standard properties.

Features :
  • Excellent resistance to water penetration
  • Assuring of moisture-resistant layer
  • stopping penetration irrespective of temperature
  • Effective in creating a physical part that separates
Chemical Admixtures
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has become an eminent company in the supplying and providing service related to Chemical Admixtures and has acquired the expertise in offering high-performance Chemical Admixtures which are amalgamation of concrete and cement, water is added to mix for creating mixtures for decreasing the cost of construction and changing the properties of concrete. The company is committed to giving the value to construction materials, besides bringing about excellence in the quality of concrete. The company is relied upon by widespread Indian clientele, as having the skill, knowledge and resources to optimize the standard and quality of products.

Features :

  • Available in ready-to-apply liquid form
  • Required to use in a small amount
  • Highly effective because of composition of high-quality ingredients
  • Assuring of better corrosion resistance and shrinkage decrement
Epoxy Flooring
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt, Ltd. leverages a state-of-the-art resources and expertise that paves the way for providing optimal Epoxy Flooring service in conformity with internationally acknowledged standards. With the standardized and tailor-made service according to the requirement of projects, the company has attained a enormous client base, spreading throughout the country. The company is determined to ameliorating the value of service through securing excellence in mechanism used in providing service as well as material used in rendering service. Epoxy Flooring in different forms is designed and planned out by means of in-house expert professionals for catering to the demand of quality and finish flooring as well as meeting the expectation of completion time and cost of services.

Features :
  • Offering excellent dirt and stain resistance
  • Paints are applied in two coatings
  • Highly durable and standard in finish
  • Featured in thermosetting resin
Fiber Wrapping
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in providing high-grade Fiber Wrapping service with complete satisfaction to clients because of  its expertise, technical ability and supreme resources in order to transform the look and appearance of the objects. The service can provided without using any expensive or permanent re-spraying. Working with varied wrap materials, it has skill to change the color and physical values of the objects owing to its competence to use myriad colors and innovative techniques. The company is versed in using simple to complex wrapping methods with different materials, so it has turned up well recognized and admirable company, has been growing by leaps and bounds and harnessed expertise to offer satisfactory varied types of wrapping service.

Features :

  • Accomplish the service within short time
  • Able to change the color and appearance
  • Protect the paint works from any damage
  • It is easy to remove andrelease
Waterproof Sealant
Having industrial skill, Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in supplying a wide range of Waterproof Sealant that is prepared from high-quality mineral liquid, sodium salt and potassium for optimizing emulsion formation used for being mixed in aggregates. meeting the demand of many a client based in different parts of the country, the company has enhanced the compound formulation skill and guidelines for conservation of environment. Waterproof Sealant is prepared from top-grade minerals and other ingredients by a dedicated production team of experts. The compound is prepared in accordance with globally recognized industrial standards besides being in line with clients' demands.

Features :

  • Efficient in filling pores and crack
  • Effective in sealing different types of surfaces
  • Featured in not wet curing
  • Excellent sealing capacities
Concrete Repair
Being a leading Supplier of construction materials and proficient Service Provider of Concrete Repair, Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has been quality conscious, therefore committed to offering high-efficiency repair service. The company never compromises on the standard, features and quality of the service, and prefers to use high-grade material, besides that it has founded in-house quality-checking arrangements, outfitted with all required technology. The company was established with the objective of providing quality and value to the clients in form of efficient service. It has been focused to improving the overall quality of surface or places like cold rooms, Schools, hospitals and other structures where the concrete has been damaged.

Features :

  • Better the surface appearance and durability
  • Decrease the moisture and liquid absorption
  • Lower down the upkeep costs and labor
  • Repair any type of damage to the surface
Curing Compounds
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. prefers to source and supply a comprehensive range of Curing Compounds with assurance of superior quality in order to expedite the curing process. The company has been focused to the physical quality and strength of the products. With the long experience and expertise in formulation of Curing Compounds, it has become a noteworthy company with the sterling repute in Indian Markets. The company is proposed to sourcing and providing Curing Compounds which are in compliance with premium quality standard. In order to provide durability and strength to concrete, it in house checks the quality of sourced products in order to validate the properties and quality so as to make the compound meet the application need.

Features :
  • Offering tremendous strength to concrete
  • Offering resistance to freezing
  • Guarantee of better volume stability
  • Proper curing with sufficient amount of moisture
Waterproofing Services
Vishwas Waterproofing & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is considered one of the prominent Service Providers of Waterproofing Services and Suppliers of Waterproofing Materials, developed from innovative compositions made out of high-grade ingredients in addition to conforming to international accepted standards. Therefore, our Waterproofing Services are admired by Indian clients because of its outstanding resistance to water and strength to structures. The company has established advanced arrangement for offering top-quality Waterproofing Services that guarantee for securing the wall from water penetration and upholding the integrity of building and structures. So, it has got the reputation of admired company and acquired widespread national clientele.

Features :
  • Use of top-quality material for rendering water-proofing solution
  • Offering strong layer for better protection
  • Block the water from penetrating
  • Considered to be strong structural envelope